Paper types

The journal invites authors to submit peer reviewed research papers and short articles in a range of formats.

Research papers (3000-6000 words) are welcomed from all disciplines and subject areas. These papers will be subject to double blind peer review. Subjects covered include the broad areas of policy, strategy, curriculum, learning and teaching, assessment, resources, and quality enhancement. Both conceptual and empirical approaches are welcome . Articles are encouraged which reflect on and critically review current practice with a view to sharing experiences, enhancing quality and promoting professional standards. Research papers may take the form of empirical research, case studies, literature reviews, critical evaluations of practice or discussion of new methodologies.

Short articles (500-1500 words) are welcomed from all disciplines and subject areas. This section of the journal recognises the potential for content to be rapidly communicated. Short articles will be read by members of the editorial board and subject to a ‘light touch’ review to check for appeal to the journal’s readership. Any subject of relevance to learning and teaching in higher education will be considered. Submissions might include opinion pieces, reports on institutional, regional or national developments, policy comment, case studies, work in progress or book reviews.

BeJLT encourages authors to submit rich media content as part of either paper type.


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