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Clare Martin is a Principal Lecturer for Student Experience at Oxford Brookes University.  Her research interests include using mathematics to reason about the semantics and general algebraic properties of programming and specification languages. Clare has worked previously as a computer consultant and then as a lecturer at the University of Buckingham.

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Reflections on the evolution of the teaching of programming to undergraduates at Oxford Brookes University

Undergraduate computing courses inevitably include a high degree of regeneration in order to keep abreast of this rapidly changing field. Introductory programming modules in particular need to adapt to changing trends and languages. Until recently, the focus of debate within the Oxford Brookes University curriculum has therefore been on the course content, but since 2012 there has been a major change in the method of delivery through the introduction of a new apprenticeship model. This paper seeks to reflect on this, and other recent changes which have led to improved student engagement and results. The data is limited however, and so the results presented here are not conclusive.

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Communicating computer science – lessons from recent history

In any form of communication, four things are key: message content, mode of delivery, timing and intended impact. Over the last two decades our educational system has made some serious errors in all four when it comes to communicating computer

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Reflections on using the Raspberry Pi in schools to make learning programming fun

Introduction Primary and secondary schools across the UK are currently faced with the exciting, yet daunting prospect of inspiring a new generation of programmers, following the introduction of the national curriculum for computing in September 2014. The Raspberry Pi is

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