Elizabeth Lovegrove

Digital Media eLearning Developer Oxford Brookes University UK ejlovegrove@brookes.ac.uk Elizabeth Lovegrove is interested in synchronous online learning environments, MOOCs and the implications of openness and massiveness, and use of social media for teaching and learning. She also researches and teaches in the Oxford International Centre for Publishing Studies.

On BeJLT by Elizabeth Lovegrove:


How to run an international conference without leaving your desk: online in Adobe Connect

Against a background of decreasing funding in higher education for conferences and travel, this paper argues for an alternative approach to international collaboration, based on work by the author and colleagues on an online conference run in Adobe Connect: the ‘Giving Feedback to Writers Online’ conference which took place in June 2014. This paper draws on lessons learnt from that conference to demonstrate that running an online event is both easier and more effective than you might expect. The paper will be of interest to anyone who is looking for ways to widen the reach and accessibility of the seminars and conferences they run, and to learning technologists and others who might be called upon to support such events. As well as the discussion of our experience in running an online conference, the paper pulls together the outputs from that experience to offer a takeaway checklist which maps out the key stages in planning an online conference, and can help organisers of future online conferences to avoid some of the obstacles along the way.

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