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George Roberts is Principal Lecturer Student Experience in Educational Development.  He has been at Oxford Brookes since 2000 and joined OCSLD in June 2006 as an Educational Developer (e-Learning). In his previous role he advised the Head of e-Learning and the Senior Management Team of the University on policy for off-campus e-learning and e-learning partnerships. He leads the MA Education (Higher Education) and teaches on the Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching in Higher Education (PCTHE) as well as conducting other educational development activities: workshops and consultancies. He completed a doctorate (July 2011) at the University of Southampton on biographical narratives of adult users of a community IT centre on a large estate. He also undertakes research into the pedagogical, social and technical dimensions of e-learning nationally and internationally and is interested in the interactions between personal identity and the values and beliefs that are embedded in the artefacts of Learning Technology. George is editor of the Higher Education Journal of Learning and Teaching (HEJLT). Previously, George taught on the Open University MA course, “Language and Literacy in a Changing World”. He was on the Executive Committee of the Association for Learning Technology (ALT) and head of the organising committee of the ALT-C conference from 2005-2007. For 10 years before joining Brookes he was an instructional designer in the international energy industry. If you want to know more about his professional activities online:

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Editorial: hail and farewell, BeJLT 8.3

Hale, farewell BeJLT and welcome to the Higher Education Journal of Learning and Teaching (HEJLT). Aims of BeJLT The Brookes eJournal of Learning and Teaching (BeJLT) launched in June 2004,  aiming to address the breadth and depth of Learning, Teaching

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Nixon, Jon. Interpretive Pedagogies for Higher Education: Arendt, Berger, Said, Nussbaum and Their Legacies. Kindle edition. London: Continuum, 2012.

Nothing could be more awkward than the relationship between Hannah Arendt and Martin Heidegger and the frisson of that tale hangs, inevitably, over this book, with a powerful supporting counterpoint played by Gabi Baramki, Vice President of Birzeit University in

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Where is the new blended learning? Whispering corners of the forum

with thanks to Mary Deane for reading and suggesting many improvements. Introduction: the future is now Where is the new blended learning? Looking back to 2005, when BeJLT published “Blended Learning Landscapes” by Richard Francis and John Raftery, we see

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MyWORLD e-Portfolios: Activity and Identity

This paper is an exploration of how policy is enacted through e-portfolio systems. The compilation of a portfolio is essentially dialogic. We talk through them and elaborate our context. All contexts are the products of previous contexts and contain within them echoes of earlier contexts. Portfolios make explicit and facilitate the representation of identity. Not only are we products of our world but we are the products of all the actors that we come into play with. Through e-portfolios there is a struggle going on for our identity. If our identities are artefacts of the use of digital technologies, it is important that we have some choice, maybe largely limited and illusory, over the tools we use to make them.

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