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Hilary Rollin is Field Chair of Spanish Studies and the Minors in Spanish. As a Brookes Fellow in Teaching and Learning, she did her fellowship project on interculturality, a topic in which she has given papers in Australia, New Zealand and the USA. Other areas on which she has published include gender equality in the workplace, aspects of contemporary Spain, entrepreneurship and language acquisition. The article featured here relates to the paper she gave in June 2008 at the Brookes conference on Internationalisation of the Curriculum.

On BeJLT by Hilary Rollin:


Voices from the Multicultural Language Class: Discovering Language, Culture, Others and Self

The multicultural language-learning classroom, with its wide range of mother tongues, cultural backgrounds, motivations, expectations, prior knowledge, learning styles, attitudes to participation and learner autonomy, potentially offers an ideal forum for promoting internationalisation. This article reviews the scope for interaction, and the nature of interaction, in multilingual language-learning classrooms. It explores the extent to which students are expected to engage effectively in the classroom and presents student views based on data gathered through questionnaires and semi-structured interviews.

It concludes that languages staff and students see language classes as offering a more even playing field for classroom interaction between home and international students than other modules. On the one hand it points out the need to constantly adapt provision to meet changing demand, and on the other that the strategies used in language classes could well be of interest to other disciplines.

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