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Keith Cooper is Head of Student Services at Oxford Brookes University. He directed a HEFCE FDTL 3 project focusing on the development of electronic Progress Files at Oxford Brookes and Thames Valley Universities which led to the development of Brookes’ ‘My PDP’. Currently, he is a member of the Steering Group of the FDTL 5 project, Enhancing Graduate Employability, lead by Brookes in partnership with Sheffield Hallam University and is Oxford Brookes’ link-person to the Centre for Recording Achievement.

On BeJLT by Keith Cooper:


Personal Developmental Planning at Oxford Brookes – Still Developing?

The historical background to Personal Development Planning (PDP) in the context of Progress Files is briefly outlined, together with an acknowledgement of the way in which the recommendations of the Burgess Review may take it forward in relation to new ways of measuring and recording student achievement. There is consideration of a range of difficulties and questions associated with the introduction of PDP into HEIs. Implementing PDP at Oxford Brookes University and what it can achieve is examined against the background of some of these difficulties and questions. The conclusion is that the limited focus and ambitions of the first stage of the implementation of PDP at Oxford Brookes can provide a sufficient platform for worthwhile work to be done with undergraduates focussing on preparation for and transition to employment whilst further research is undertaken in the sector into some of the more problematical aspects of PDP.

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