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Principal Lecturer Student Experience Oxford Brookes University Marion Waite leads the MSc Nursing Studies (Clinical Leadership in Practice) online programme at Oxford Brookes University. She is also online tutor on the OSCLD open online courses First Steps into Teaching and Learning, and Teaching Online. Marion’s research interests are academic writing with a focus on student as producer and technology-enhanced learning to support academic and professional development.

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Academic writing development

Academic writing development This special issue explores ways of promoting writing development in online environments.  Part 1 investigates strategies for supporting collaborative writing online.  Part 2 examines online feedback pedagogies, including peer review.  Part 3 focuses on research writing support,

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Supervisory relationships: the experiences of international masters students

This article is a case study exploring the experiences of two international postgraduate dissertation students studying in the Faculty of Health and Life Sciences at Oxford Brookes University. It has been written collaboratively by two academics with experience of postgraduate dissertation supervision, and two postgraduates who were supervised by them. The discussion is based upon academic diaries produced by each of the students. These diaries were analysed thematically, and the two main issues that emerged were the students’ growing confidence as research writers, and their relationships with their supervisors. Based on these diaries, this article records the ways in which international students can benefit from their supervisors’ mentoring to become expert writers in their fields, and in some cases, to go on to provide writing development for their peers. The article also examines the potential of a Faculty Writing Group to support international students in the production of their dissertations.

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