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Mary Davis teaches English for Academic Purposes, mainly on a Master’s preparation diploma. She is module leader for academic writing skills and an extended writing project, which she has re-designed through the use of WebCT, Turnitin and EndNote to enhance opportunities for student learning. She is also the university-wide dissertation checking coordinator. Her particular research interests are online communication and the use of new technology in learning and teaching, especially in relation to academic literacy.

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The Role of Turnitin within the Formative Process of Academic Writing

This study comes from an attempt to respond to the Brookes student feedback surveys on the Extended Writing Project module of the pre-Master’s diploma for international students. In the 2005 module feedback, students stated that if they were to take the module again, they would want to try to improve their writing more between drafts and learn more about using sources. From 2006-07, the study of the experiential use of Turnitin with first drafts before assessment aimed to examine the learning and ‘unlearning’ opportunities for academic literacy and plagiarism education.

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