Richard Francis

Richard Francis is Principal Learning Technologist in the Learning Resources Directorate at Oxford Brookes University and a National Teaching Fellow. He seeks to identify and promote good practice in the use of digital technologies to enhance learning and mitigate the constraints of time and location. He oversees the administration of the University’s learning management systems and co-ordinates the University-wide Learning Technologies Forum. Before joining Brookes in 1999, he taught English language and linguistics and trained teachers for twenty years in schools and universities in continental Europe and the UK.

On BeJLT by Richard Francis:


Where is the new blended learning? Whispering corners of the forum

with thanks to Mary Deane for reading and suggesting many improvements. Introduction: the future is now Where is the new blended learning? Looking back to 2005, when BeJLT published “Blended Learning Landscapes” by Richard Francis and John Raftery, we see

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