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University of Edinburgh rhianonwilliams@gmail.com Rhianon Williams is based at the University of Edinburgh Masters specialising in Digital Education. She also works in the German civil service researching how digital technologies are used, including with non-native learners in order to overcome social and educational exclusion, and to improve access to training and the local labour market.

On BeJLT by Rhianon Williams:


Online collaborative writing: testimony of a wiki project and recommendations

This article reports on the use of a wiki that was embedded into a course in English for Academic Purposes (EAP). It explains why a wiki platform was embedded into the course design, how the preparatory work (scaffolding) fed into writing tasks, and how students interacted with each other using this writing tool. The use of a wiki to enhance students’ experiences was evaluated through student questionnaires, semi-structured interviews, and tutor interviews. The results indicate that students had varying degrees of success in engaging with the wiki, and that some tutors were more comfortable than others with the validity of the wiki platform for critical writing tasks. A recommendation emerging from this study is that wider use of online writing components within other EAP courses could be beneficial.

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