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Yves Schoonjans (full time professor at the Faculty of Architecture and the Research Department Architecture (Heverlee, KU Leuven)) does research in the domain of contemporary architectural history & theory, with a focus on informal architectural discourses. This is structured in 2 lines (1) Practices and discourses in a recent and contemporary context – relation between theory and practices; (2) Everyday local identity, appropriation and urban development. Together with prof. Kris Scheerlinck he initiated the research group ‘Urban Projects, Collective Spaces and Local Identities’ (http://www.collectivespaces-kuleuven.be/). The different research-projects investigate how people and buildings relate to each other, how space is appropriated and local identities are formed, how it contributes to the built and social environment of urban life. The research group seeks to study mechanisms of space production in different contexts and test the outcomes through real life and hands-on projects, considering the local neighbours, stakeholders, the protagonists and main beneficiaries. The group has grown with 2 post-doc researchers and 12 PhD-researchers. He was involved as partner and lead-coordinator in different international programs (Erasmus, Mundus and ALFA) and participated in different project, especially in Latin America. Within the academic management he was Head of the Education-section ‘History and Theory’ (2002 – 2008), program director of the International Master of Architecture ‘Urban Cultures-Urban Project’ and the International Master of Architecture ‘Sustainable Architecture’ (2008-2010), member of the board and director of master-programs (2009-2013), Vice-Dean for Internationalisation (2013-2015) and is now Vice-Chair of the Research Department.

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Streetscape Territories: on site workshop about participation in Coney Island, New York

Streetscape Territories is the name given to an international research and design project that deals with the way buildings and properties are related to streets and how their inhabitants can give meaning to them. This project deals with models of

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