Using creative industry skills to teach business, management, economics and accounting

The use of skills from the creative industries such as art, poetry, drama and music to teach business and management skills has been an interest of mine for a number of years and is the focus of my Brookes Teaching

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Thought-piece: What is the value of an institutional conference on learning and teaching?

The aim of the Brookes Learning and Teaching Conference is to bring together staff and students from across the organisation in order to celebrate and share practices and ideas about enhancing the learning experience. The conference this year ran for

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Erasmus Teaching Mobility: Why miss out?

Introduction Anyone reading this piece will realize that I would hardly be writing this if I were not in favour of teaching mobility. Similarly, logic suggests that you would be unlikely to be reading it if not faintly interested in

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To Whom it May Concern: Reflections on an international staff exchange

Introduction I learned a lot about UK Higher Education in 2009 by being far away from it. I was working as an educational developer in Stockholm, Sweden and, in many ways, my Swedish job resembled the one I did in

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The Rain in Spain Stays Mainly in the Plain

After many failed attempts, Eliza Doolittle in the musical ‘My Fair Lady’ finally manages to pronounce the difficult sentence ‘the rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain’ without lapsing into broad Cockney. This is much to the joy of

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Teaching and Learning in the School of Arts and Humanities

Introduction I am struck, when reading articles on teaching and learning, how often a phrase such as ‘the need to raise the profile of teaching and learning’ occurs. It would seem that those of us with a professional interest in

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Restructuring for Learning and Teaching Innovation and Development

This article discusses the thinking behind certain aspects of the recent restructuring of the Westminster Institute of Education. In particular it focuses on the attempt to enhance learning and teaching through the creation of new posts with specific developmental responsibilities in that area, alongside commitments to teaching, scholarship and research. The new posts came into effect from 1 September 2007. These posts are discussed in terms of the key purpose and the main duties. Central to the discussion are the new Learning and Teaching Development Coordinators, but other roles are also important and help to form a new Learning and Teaching Innovation and Development Team. For all members of the team, the ability to support and work well with a wide variety of colleagues is critically important. This is reflected in the Person Specification essential criteria for all of the new key posts. There is a theoretical background to the thinking about restructuring, and this places high importance on teacher collaboration and the creation of a learning organisation.

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Towards a Joined-up Student Learning Experience at Oxford Brookes University

In an increasingly competitive and ‘customer-led’ climate, universities are seeking to ascertain or improve their positions in the league tables, to attract sufficient and well-qualified students and to become financially sustainable. When trying to achieve this aim, universities face competing needs and competing demands from various constituents within their institutions in the context of limited financial resources. This perspective informs the need for a Student Learning Experience Strategy for Oxford Brookes University, which could fulfil both the purpose of enhancing the students’ opportunities for successful learning and the ‘attractiveness’ of the University as measured by traditional performance indicators.

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The Graduate School at Oxford Brookes University

The development of a Graduate School at Oxford Brookes University is set against the background of key developments in postgraduate provision nationally and internationally. Opportunities and challenges are identified and ways in which the Graduate School will contribute to postgraduate developments are highlighted.

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MyWORLD e-Portfolios: Activity and Identity

This paper is an exploration of how policy is enacted through e-portfolio systems. The compilation of a portfolio is essentially dialogic. We talk through them and elaborate our context. All contexts are the products of previous contexts and contain within them echoes of earlier contexts. Portfolios make explicit and facilitate the representation of identity. Not only are we products of our world but we are the products of all the actors that we come into play with. Through e-portfolios there is a struggle going on for our identity. If our identities are artefacts of the use of digital technologies, it is important that we have some choice, maybe largely limited and illusory, over the tools we use to make them.

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