Engaging Feedback?

Assessment feedback is increasingly seen as an important learning tool, but one with which students tend not to engage. This paper reflects on the experience of running three micro-projects at a post-1992 University which successfully supported student feedback engagement and learning. Central to our approach was the understanding that dialogue and good in-class relationships address many of the factors that adversely affect student engagement. Three feedback methods which facilitate dialogue and positive classroom dynamics are described, along with student responses to the methods discussed. The paper concludes by suggesting that, while the feedback methods described succeed in supporting student engagement, the extent to which that engagement is sustained needs to be investigated further.

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Internationalisation of the Curriculum (IoC) at Brookes?

The multilayered and inter-subjective nature of internationalisation within higher education and its construction by different agents and discourses is now widely acknowledged. The diversity of university populations, and a doubtful link between institutional IoC rhetoric and its impact on actual

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